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Event Protocol exhibition staff, trade show hostessSo, you’ve followed our tips on hiring trade show and exhibition staff, but have you ever considered what you can do to keep exhibition staff motivated, fresh and alert throughout the event?

Keeping your team motivated can often be a real challenge, especially at the end of a day or during the final hours of the show when traffic is slow, here’s some guidance on how to get the most from your exhibition staff:


Our exhibition staff are naturally very enthusiast but everyone needs some motivation – it’s human nature! We’ve had some clients who pay our exhibition staff a base rate and then a commission for every lead they capture or every subscription they get. Although be careful, if you do incentivize your exhibition staff, do so in a way to encourage teamwork, rather than aggressive, competing sales people.


At the quieter times, towards the end of the day there’s nothing worse than having too many exhibition staff with nothing to do at your exhibition stand. Keep them busy and consider the following:

Competitor research: It’s worth keeping an eye on what your competitors are up to. Assign your exhibition staff to walk around the exhibition hall to takes notes what how other exhibitors are promoting their services or products. Obviously this requires discretion! This information can be great for post event evaluation.

Preparation: Keep the stand tidy, stocked up on samples, gift bags, giveaways during the day and have everything in place for the following day. Ask your exhibition staff to do this the evening before and not the morning of.

Data collation: If they’ve collated a considerable amount of data from business cards or lead cards, it’s worth collating this information. Ask your exhibition staff to enter this information on database or even on a excel sheet that you can upload to your systems once back in the office. It helps to have a laptop on site.


Have your staff generate a buzz at your stand by hiring staff who are trained in presenting to large crowds. When contacting your event staffing agency ask them for staff who are skilled in presenting and crowd gathering. We’ve seen this done very effectively at large trade shows where competition amongst exhibitors is rife. Many of the events staff on our books are actors and actresses’, so they’ll have no problem working the crowd and exhibition floor! You may be interested in reading Hiring live presenters and demonstrators at exhibitions and trade shows.


Sounds obvious but working at fast based exhibitions can be hard work, on your feet all day for long hours can take its toll one anyone. Prepare a stand rota in advance for breaks and lunch times for your exhibition staff. Keep refreshments, especially water behind your reception desk for your events staff.

I hope the above helps and if you haven’t done so already read our tips on hiring exhibition staff / trade show hostesses.

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